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Spinitectus Fourment, 1883

22935  (

Subgenus Spinitectus (Paraspinitectus) Moravec & Justine, 2009
Species Spinitectus aguapeiensis Acosta, Gonzalez Solis & Da Silva, 2017
Species Spinitectus aguapeiensis Acosta, González-Solís & da Silva, 2017
Species Spinitectus anguillae Moravec, Nagasawa & Hatama, 2020
Species Spinitectus asperus Travassos, Artigas & Pereira, 1928
Species Spinitectus cristatus Railliet & Henry, 1915
Species Spinitectus echenei Parukhin, 1967
Species Spinitectus gabata Poinar, Weinstein, Garcia-Vedrenne & Kuris, 2014
Species Spinitectus gigi Fujita, 1927
Species Spinitectus gordoni Cordero del Campillo & Alvarez-Pelletero, 1976
Species Spinitectus guntheri Baylis, 1929
Species Spinitectus inermis (Zeder, 1800) Yorke & Maplestone, 1926
Species Spinitectus mirabilis Moravec & Nagasawa, 2020
Species Spinitectus mixtecoensis Barrios Gutierrez, Santacruz, Martinez Ramirez, Rubio Godoy & Pinacho Pinacho, 2019
Species Spinitectus notopteri Karve & Naik, 1951
Species Spinitectus oviflagellis Fourment, 1883
Species Spinitectus palmyraensis Gonzalez Solis, Soler Jiminez, Leopoldina, McLaughlin, Shaw, James, Hechinger, Kuris, Lafferty & Vidal Martinez, 2019
Species Spinitectus polli Campana-Rouget, 1961
Species Spinitectus tamari Naidenova, 1966

Species Spinitectus jamundensis Thatcher & Padilha, 1977 accepted as Spinitectus asperus Travassos, Artigas & Pereira, 1928 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
Species Spinitectus mollis Mamaev, 1968 accepted as Prospinitectus mollis (Mamaev, 1968) Petter, 1979 (Superseded combination)
Species Spinitectus palawanensis Schmidt & Kuntz, 1969 accepted as Prospinitectus mollis (Mamaev, 1968) Petter, 1979 (Synonym)
Species Spinitectus zambezensis Boomker, 1993 accepted as Spinitectus polli Campana-Rouget, 1961 (Synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh
Not documented
Nemys eds. (2023). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Spinitectus Fourment, 1883. Accessed at: on 2023-10-02
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basis of record Anderson, R. C.; Chabaud, A. G.; Willmott, S. (1974). CIH Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates. i-x. [details]   

redescription Moravec, F. (2013). Parasitic nematodes of freshwater fishes of Europe. <em>Academia, Prague.</em> 601 pp. [details]   
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 

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