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Acuariidae Railliet, Henry & Sisoff, 1912

22851  (

Subfamily Acuariinae Railliet, Henry & Sisoff, 1912
Genus Antechiniella Quentin & Beveridge, 1986
Genus Aviculariella Wehr, 1931
Genus Chandleronema Little & Ali, 1980
Genus Cheilospirura Diesing, 1861
Genus Chordatortilis Mendonca & Rodrigues, 1965
Genus Chordocephalus Alegret, 1941
Genus Cyclopsinema Cobb, 1927
Genus Deliria Vicente, Magalhaes, Pinto & Noronha, 1980
Genus Desportesius Chabaud & Campana, 1949
Subfamily Echinuriinae Sobolev, 1943
Genus Ingliseria Gibson, 1968
Genus Molinacuaria Wong & Lankester, 1985
Genus Proyseria Petter, 1959
Genus Pseudoaviculariella Gupta & Jehan, 1971
Genus Pseudohaplonema Wang, 1978
Genus Quasithelazia Maplestone, 1932
Genus Rusguniella Seurat, 1919
Subfamily Schistorophinae Travassos, 1918
Subfamily Seuratiinae Chitwood & Wehr, 1932
Genus Sexansocara Sobolev & Sudarikov, 1939
Genus Stammerinema Osche, 1955
Genus Syncuaria Gilbert, 1927
Genus Synhimantus Railliet, Henry & Sisoff, 1912
Genus Tikusnema Hasegawa, Shiraishi & Rochma, 1992
Genus Voguracuaria Wong & Anderson, 1993
Genus Willmottia Mawson, 1982
Genus Xenocordon Mawson, 1982

Genus Dispharagus Dujardin, 1945 accepted as Acuaria Bremser, 1811 (Synonym)
Genus Schistogendra Chabaud & Rousselot, 1956 accepted as Quasithelazia Maplestone, 1932

Genus Agamospirura Henry & Sisoff, 1913 (uncertain, Composite genus for spiruroid-like larvae)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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taxonomy source De Ley, P.; Blaxter, M. L. (2004). A new system for Nematoda: combining morphological characters with molecular trees, and translating clades into ranks and taxa. <em>Nematology Monographs & Perspectives - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Nematology 8 - 13 June 2002, Tenerife, Spain.</em> 2: 633-653. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

basis of record Anderson, R. C.; Chabaud, A. G.; Willmott, S. (1974). CIH Keys to the nematode parasites of vertebrates. i-x. [details]   
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