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Mawson, P. M. (1958). Free-living nematodes. Section 2: Additional Enoploidea from Antarctic stations. B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition Reports, Series B. 6 (13): 291-306.
Mawson, P. M.
Free-living nematodes. Section 2: Additional Enoploidea from Antarctic stations
B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition Reports, Series B
6 (13): 291-306
NeMys doc_id: 3859
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Anticoma columba Wieser, 1953 (additional source)
Anticoma subsimilis Cobb, 1914 (redescription)
Anticoma wieseri Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Halalaimus brachyaulax Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Halalaimus diacros Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Leptosomatides antarcticus Mawson, 1956 (redescription)
Micoletzkyia austrogeorgiae Allgén, 1954 (redescription)
Paranticoma antarctica Mawson, 1956 (additional source)
Phanoderma banzare Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Phanoderma banzare Mawson, 1958 (additional source)
Phanoderma campbelli (Allgén, 1927) Platonova, 1984 accepted as Metaphanoderma campbelli (Allgen, 1928) Platonova, 1984 (additional source)
Phanoderma speculum Schuurmans Stekhoven & Mawson, 1955 (additional source)
Phanoderma wieseri Mawson, 1956 (redescription)
Phanodermopsis ingrami Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Pontonema leidyi Mawson, 1956 (additional source)
Pontonema serratodentatum Mawson, 1956 (additional source)
Pseudocella polychaites (Mawson, 1958) (ecology source)
Thoracostoma angustifissulatum Mawson, 1956 (additional source)
Thoracostoma demani Mawson, 1956 accepted as Deontostoma demani (Mawson, 1956) Hope, 1967 (additional source)
Thoracostoma parasetosum Mawson, 1958 (redescription)
Thoracostoma polychaites Mawson, 1958 accepted as Pseudocella polychaites (Mawson, 1958) (original description)
Thoracostoma schizoepistylium Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Viscosia wieseri Mawson, 1958 (original description)
Antarctic Ocean for Anticoma subsimilis Cobb, 1914 
Antarctic Ocean for Anticoma wieseri Mawson, 1958 
Antarctic Ocean for Halalaimus brachyaulax Mawson, 1958 
Antarctic Ocean for Metoncholaimus haplotretos Mawson, 1958 
Antarctic Ocean for Pseudocella polychaites (Mawson, 1958) 
Antarctic Ocean for Thoracostoma schizoepistylium Mawson, 1958 
Antarctic Ocean for Viscosia wieseri Mawson, 1958 
South Indian Ocean for Leptosomatides antarcticus Mawson, 1956 

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