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Aphelenchoididae Skarbilovich, 1947

153179  (

Genus Acugutturus Hunt, 1980
Genus Albiziaphelenchus Bajaj, 2012
Genus Anomyctus Allen, 1940
Genus Aphelenchoides Fischer, 1894
Genus Aprutides Scognamiglio, Talame & s'Jacob, 1970
Genus Basilaphelenchus Pedram, Kanzaki, Giblin-Davis & Pourjam, 2018
Genus Berntsenus Massey, 1974
Genus Bursaphelenchus Fuchs, 1937
Genus Chalcidonema Poinar, 2011
Genus Cretaciaphelenchoides Poinar, 2011
Genus Cryptaphelenchoides J.B. Goodey, 1960
Genus Cryptaphelenchus (Fuchs, 1937) Ruhm, 1954
Genus Devibursaphelenchus Kakuliya, 1967
Genus Ektaphelenchoides Baujard, 1984
Genus Ektaphelenchus Fuchs, 1937
Genus Entaphelenchus Wachek, 1955
Genus Ficophagus Davies, Ye, Kanzaki, Bartholomaeus, Zeng & Giblin Davis, 2015
Genus Japanema Moosavi, Aliramaji, Pourjam & Pedram, 2014
Genus Kashmira Shah, Siddiqi & Handoo, 2015
Genus Laimaphelenchus Fuchs, 1937
Genus Martininema Davies, Ye, Kanzaki, Bartholomaeus, Zeng & Giblin Davis, 2015
Genus Noctuidonema Remillet & Sylvain, 1988
Genus Oligaphelenchoides Poinar, 1977
Genus Palaeoaphelenchoides Poinar, 2011
Genus Papuaphelenchus Andrassy, 1973
Genus Paraseinura Timm, 1960
Genus Parasitaphelenchus Fuchs, 1929
Genus Peraphelenchus Wachek, 1955
Genus Potensaphelenchus Gu, Liu, Abolafia & Pedram, 2021
Genus Praecocilenchus Poinar, 1969
Genus Pseudaphelenchus Kanzaki, Giblin Davis, Scheffrahn, Center & Davies, 2009
Genus Ptychaphelenchus Hodda, 2009
Genus Punchaulus De Ley & Coomans, 1996
Genus Robustodorus Andrassy, 2007
Genus Roveaphelenchus Nickle, 1970
Genus Ruehmaphelenchus Goodey, 1963
Genus Schistonchus Cobb, 1927
Genus Seinura Fuchs, 1931
Genus Setonema Poinar, 2011
Genus Sheraphelenchus Nickle, 1970
Genus Tylaphelenchus Ruehm, 1956
Genus Vampyronema Hunt, 1993
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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taxonomy source De Ley, P.; Blaxter, M. L. (2004). A new system for Nematoda: combining morphological characters with molecular trees, and translating clades into ranks and taxa. <em>Nematology Monographs & Perspectives - Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress of Nematology 8 - 13 June 2002, Tenerife, Spain.</em> 2: 633-653. [details]  Available for editors  PDF available [request] 

basis of record Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS). , available online at [details]   
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