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Hodda, M. (2022). Phylum Nematoda: a classification, catalogue and index of valid genera, with a census of valid species. Zootaxa. 5114(1): 1-289.
10.11646/zootaxa.5114.1.1 [view]
Hodda, M.
Phylum Nematoda: a classification, catalogue and index of valid genera, with a census of valid species
5114(1): 1-289
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Abbreviata Travassos, 1920 (taxonomy source)
Abirovulva Hunt, 2002 (taxonomy source)
Abursanema Yaghoubi, Pourjam, Pedram, Siddiqi & Atighi, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Abursanema iranicum Yaghoubi, Pourjam, Pedram, Siddiqi & Atighi, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Abursanema quadrilineatum Qing, Slos, Claeys & Bert, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Acanthorhabdias Pereira, 1927 (taxonomy source)
Acanthostrongylus Travassos, 1937 (taxonomy source)
Acanthostrongylus secundus Guerrero, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Acanthoxyurus Sandground, 1928 (taxonomy source)
Acanthungella Ivanova & Hope, 2004 (taxonomy source)
Acheilostoma Leiper, 1911 (taxonomy source)
Ackertia Vaz, 1934 (taxonomy source)
Acontylus Meagher, 1968 (taxonomy source)
Acrostichus medius Tahseen, Ahlawat, Asif & Mustaqim, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Acrostichus musai (Yousuf, Mahamood & Ahmad, 2016) Hodda, 2022 (taxonomy source)
Actinonema dolichurum Gagarin & Long, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Actinonema longicaudatoides Gagarin, 2015 (taxonomy source)
Actinonema parvum Gagarin, 2015 (taxonomy source)
Actus Baqri & Jairajpuri, 1974 (taxonomy source)
Acuaria europaea Mutafchiev, Mariaux & Georgiev, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Acugutturus Hunt, 1980 (taxonomy source)
Adelonema Mawson, 1978 (taxonomy source)
Adieronema Timm, 1967 (taxonomy source)
Aelurostrongylus Cameron, 1927 (taxonomy source)
Aenigmenchus De Ley, Coomans & Geraert, 1994 (taxonomy source)
Afrina Brzeski, 1981 accepted as Subanguina Paramonov, 1967 (basis of record)
Afrina sporoboliae Barrantes Infanta, Schroeder, Subbotin & Murray, 2018 accepted as Subanguina sporoboliae (Barrantes Infanta, Schroeder, Subbotin & Murray, 2018) Hodda, 2022 (taxonomy source)
Afritylenchus Singbo, Ieden & Nesterov, 1988 (taxonomy source)
Afrocarnoya Hunt, 1997 (taxonomy source)
Agamermis Cobb, Steiner & Christie, 1923 (taxonomy source)
Agamofilaria Stiles, 1907 (taxonomy source)
Agamospirura Henry & Sisoff, 1913 (taxonomy source)
Aglenchus microstylus Husseinvand, Abdollahi & Karegar, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Agriostomum Railliet, 1902 (taxonomy source)
Alaeuris Thapar, 1925 (taxonomy source)
Alainchabaudia Mawson, 1968 (taxonomy source)
Albiziaphelenchus Bajaj, 2012 (taxonomy source)
Albiziaphelenchus arthrorostris Bajaj, 2012 (taxonomy source)
Alippistrongylus Celina Digiani & Kinsella, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Alippistrongylus bicaudatus Celina Digiani & Kinsella, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Allintoshius Chitwood, 1937 (taxonomy source)
Allodapa Diesing, 1861 accepted as Subulura Molin, 1860 (taxonomy source)
Alloionema Schneider, 1859 (taxonomy source)
Alloionema californicum Nermut, Půža, Mracek & Lewis, 2016 accepted as Alloionema similis Holovachov, Bostrom, De Ley, McDonnell, Alvaredo, Paine & De Ley, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Alloionema luofuensis Huang, Li & Zhao, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Alloionema similis Holovachov, Bostrom, De Ley, McDonnell, Alvaredo, Paine & De Ley, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Allomermis Steiner, 1925 (taxonomy source)
Alocostoma Mawson, 1979 (taxonomy source)
Amblyonema Linstow, 1898 (taxonomy source)
Amidostomoides Petrova, 1987 (taxonomy source)
Amphibiogoezia Ratnamala Rao, 1980 (taxonomy source)
Amphicephaloides Beveridge, 1979 (taxonomy source)
Amphidomermis Filipjev, 1934 (taxonomy source)
Amphisakis Chakravarty & Majumdar, 1960 (taxonomy source)
Amplicaecum orientalis Wang, 1965 accepted as Ophidascaris orientalis (Wang, 1965) Sprent, 1988 (taxonomy source)
Anandranema Poinar, Ferro, Morales & Tesh, 1993 (taxonomy source)
Anaspiculuris Akhtar, 1955 (taxonomy source)
Anatonchus siddiqii Susulovsky & Winiszewska, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Anatrichosoma Smith & Chitwood, 1945 (taxonomy source)
Ancylostoma (Ancylostoma) Dubini, 1843 (basis of record)
Ancylostoma (Ancylostoma) ailuropodae Xie, Hoberg, Yang, Urban & Yang, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Ancylostoma (Ancylostoma) ctenomyos Drabik & Gardner, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Andersonfilaria Bartlett & Bain, 1987 (taxonomy source)
Andersonstrongylus Webster, 1978 (taxonomy source)
Angiostoma gandavensis Singh, Couvrier, Decraemer & Bert, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Angiostrongylus Kamensky, 1905 (taxonomy source)
Anguillonema Fuchs, 1938 (taxonomy source)
Anguillonema iranicum Yaghoubi, Pourjam & Pedram, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Anguina obesa Mobasseri, Pedram, Pourjam & Bertozzi, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Angulocirrus Biocca & Le Roux, 1957 (taxonomy source)
Anomalomermis aphidophilus Poinar, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Anomalostoma Cordeira, 1981 (taxonomy source)
Anomyctus Allen, 1940 (taxonomy source)
Anoplostrongylus Boulenger, 1926 (taxonomy source)
Antarctylus Sher, 1973 (taxonomy source)
Antechiniella Quentin & Beveridge, 1986 (taxonomy source)
Antechiniella septentrionalis Ivanova Dokuchaeve & Spiridonov, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Antechinostrongylus Spratt, 1981 (taxonomy source)
Anuronema Clark, 1978 (taxonomy source)
Aonchotheca pulchra (Freitas, 1934) Ferreira Cardia, Lux Hoppe, Tebaldi, Fornazari, Menozzi, Langoni, do Nascimento & Saraiva Bresciani, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Aonchotheca yannickchavali Veciana, Chaisiri, Morand & Ribas, 2016 (taxonomy source)
Aorolaimus Sher, 1963 (taxonomy source)
Aoruroides Travassos & Klos, 1958 (taxonomy source)
Aoruroides chubudaigaku Morffe, Garcia, Hasegawa & Carreno, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Aorurus Leidy, 1849 (taxonomy source)
Aphanimermis Rubzov, 1981 accepted as Agamomermis Stiles, 1903 (taxonomy source)
Aphasmatylenchus Sher, 1965 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides aerialis Chanu, Mohilal, Victoria & Shah, 2013 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides altaicus Khusainov, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides arachidis Bos, 1977 accepted as Robustodorus arachidis (Bos, 1977) Kanzaki, Shokoohi, Fourie, Swart, Muller & Giblin Davis, 2018 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides assamensis Chanu, Meitei & Shah, 2016 accepted as Aphelenchus assamenensis Chanu, Meitel & Shah, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides brevicauda Mahamood, Li, Keshari & Liang, 2015 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides fuchsi Esmaeili, Heydari, Ziaie & Gu, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides gorganensis Miraeiz, Heydari & Bert, 2017 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides helicus Heyns, 1964 accepted as Robustodorus helicus (Heyns, 1964) Aliramaji, Pourjam, Alvarez Ortega, Afshar & Pedram, 2018 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides hodsoni Goodey, 1935 accepted as Robustodorus subtenuis (Cobb, 1926) Kanzaki, Shokoohi, Fourie, Swart, Muller & Giblin Davis, 2018 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides hypotris Shah, Siddiqi & Handoo, 2015 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides lii (Huang & Ye, 2006) Kanzaki, Ekino & Masuya, 2019 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides longistylus Chanu & Mohilal, 2014 (taxonomy source)
Aphelenchoides macrospica Golhasan, Heydari, Esmaeili & Miraez, 2017 (taxonomy source)
 Additional information

Probably a genus dubium according to Hodda (2022) [details]

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