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Carvalho, J. C. (1955). Mononchus risoceiae. a new species (Nematoda, Mononchidae). Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz. 15(1):129-134.
Carvalho, J. C.
Mononchus risoceiae. a new species (Nematoda, Mononchidae)
Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz
A new species of Mononchus. which lives on nematodes and protozoa, was described. This species called Mononchus (Iotonchus) risoceae, was found in plots of ornamental plants and in cultivated fields near Sao Paulo. M. risoceiae differs from its nearest related sp. M. brachylaimus Cobb by the following characteristics: (a) absence of the rudimentary teeth which are observed in the M. brachylaimus species (b) shorter tail; female c= 5.7-10-0 : 16.6; male c= 8.2-9.7:16.6; (c) smaller size of the pharynx; male: 55[mu]. x 37[mu]: 80 x 77[mu]; female: 62 x 52[mu] : 76 x 76[mu]. And it differs from M. tenuidentatus Kreis as follows: (a) its longer size, female: 2.682-2.817mm: 1.968mm; (b) its more developed pharynx tooth; (c) the length of the pharynx which is in M. tenuidentatus twice its width, and in M. risoceiae, less than twice.
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