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Mian HUANG, Kuidong XU and Yong HUANG. (2019). Setosabatieria minor sp. nov. (Comesomatidae: Nematoda) from the South China Sea. Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 60 : 387-393.
10.21411/CBM.A.8D5C56E5 [view]
Mian HUANG, Kuidong XU and Yong HUANG
Setosabatieria minor sp. nov. (Comesomatidae: Nematoda) from the South China Sea
Cahiers de Biologie Marine
60 : 387-393
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One new species of the family Comesomatidae Filiepjev, 1918 was collected from marine sediments in the South China Sea, and it is described here as Setosabatieria minor sp. nov. Setosabatieria minor sp. nov. is characterized by its relatively small body size in the genus, mutispiral amphideal fovea with 3 turns, four longitudinal rows of 2-4 cervical setae, 8 minute pre-cloacal supplements, short and blunt spicule with a central cuticularized strip and gubernaculum with a small dorso-caudal apophysis. The new species is similar to S. australis Leduc & Gwyther, 2008 in having relatively small body size, few cervical setae (2-5) per file and few precloacal supplements (7-9). However, the new species differs from S. australis by shorter spicule slightly arcuated with a short central cuticularized strip (spicules 30-31 µm vs 45-51 µm, Lshaped with a median hollow region) and shorter gubernacular apophysis (10 µm vs 20 µm). Dichotomous key and pictorial identification keys to all known species of Setosabatieria are provided.
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South China Sea for Setosabatieria minor Huang, Xu & Huang, 2019  (origin: native)
 Taxonomic remark

Interim unpublished Name: introduced in the online-only Cahiers de Biologie Marine without a ZooBank number for the ... [details]

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