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Tahseen Q., Siddiqi M.R. & Mustaqim M. (2016). Description of two new species of Oncholaimidae Filipjev, 1916 (Nematoda: Enoplida). International Journal of Nematology.
Tahseen Q., Siddiqi M.R. & Mustaqim M.
Description of two new species of Oncholaimidae Filipjev, 1916 (Nematoda: Enoplida)
International Journal of Nematology
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The paper describes and illustrates two new species of family Oncholaimidae Filipjev, 1916. Oncholaimus dimorphicus sp. n. showing sexual dimorphism in tail shape, is characterised by barel-shaped buccal cavity armed with a massive left subventral tooth and moderately-built, equal-sized dorsal and right subventral teeth; Demanian system weakly developed; males with almost straight, slender spicules, without a distinct capitulum; 6 pairs of circum cloacal papillae and a large median papilla at the junction of conical and cylindrical parts of tail. Metoncholaimus isopapillatus sp. n. is characterised by female with thick sclerotized buccal cavity having left subventral tooth largest; uterus with 4-6 large intra-uterine eggs having blunt polar regions; Demanian system well developed with conspicuous uvette and paired terminal ducts opening far anterior to anus; male with isomorphic very long and slender spicules; gubernaculum small with blunt proximal end; genital papillae identical and nearly equal-sized.
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