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Rasheed, S. (1968). The nematodes of the genus Cucullanus Mueller, 1777, from the marine fish of Karachi coast. An. Esc. nac. Cienc. biol. Mex. 15: 23-59.
Rasheed, S.
The nematodes of the genus Cucullanus Mueller, 1777, from the marine fish of Karachi coast
An. Esc. nac. Cienc. biol. Mex.
15: 23-59
The author outlines the systematics of the Cucullanidae (with Cucullaninae and Dacnitoidinae) and then describes a number of species of the genus Cucullanus from marine fish off the Karachi coast (Pakistan). The following species are redescribed: C. fastigatus from Pristipoma hasta (new host and locality); C. exiguus from Pseudosdaena sp. (new host and locality); C. hians from Lates calcarifer, Sciaena sp., Belone strongylurus, Spams sp. and Acanthopagrus berda (new hosts and locality); and C. armatus from Arius serrants. Cucullanus spp. were newly recorded from Lutjanus sp. and Mugil speigleri. 3 new species are described. C. diminutus n.sp. from the intestine of Parastromateus niger is distinguished by spicules occupying more than half the length of the body, its small size (male 1.98 mm.), and the proportions of various organs to the body length; the female is unknown. C. theraponi n.sp. from the intestine of Therapon sp. is most similar to C. chrysophrydis but the female has alate cephalic expansions, the vulva in a deep groove, and the excretory pore is 2.3 to 2.5 mm. from the anterior extremity. The male of C. theraponi is distinguished by various dimensions given in a table. C. indentatus n.sp. from Polynemus tetradactylus and Pristipoma hasta is distinguished from related species by the presence of deep cuticular striations with serrated margins and the absence of a male pre-anal sucker.
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