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Raski, D.; Coomans, A. (1991). Three New Species of Paraphanolaimus (Nemata: Araeolaimida) With Key To Species. Nematologica. 37(1): 44-62.
10.1163/187529291x00051 [view]
Raski, D.; Coomans, A.
Three New Species of Paraphanolaimus (Nemata: Araeolaimida) With Key To Species
37(1): 44-62
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Three new species of Paraphanolaimus Micoletzky, 1922 are described, one from southern Chile, P. terrestris sp. n., is characterized by length of female, number of smooth, coarse annuli, conoid tail with tubular posterior portion, long neck region (b = < 4.5). P. latescens sp. n. from Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia is distinguished by length of females and males, shape of tail, size of spicules and number of lateral epidermal glands (LEG). P. tahoensis sp. n. from Lake Tahoe, California, is distinguished by length of females and males, number of annuli, number and size of pairs of prominent LEGs, large oval amphids, rounded lips of vulva, perpendicular vagina, number of supplements, and size and shape of spicules and gubernaculum. Specimens of P. anisitsi Daday, 1905 from southern Chile and from the Mendocino coast of California provide further information on that species. P. micoletzkyi Khera & Chaturvedi, 1977, was described from a single female and distinguished by a set-off posterior bulb in the pharynx immediately behind the nerve ring. This character makes doubtful its placement in the genus Paraphanolaimus and the species is assigned to species inquirendae.
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