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Gerlach, S. A. (1953). Die Nematodenbesiedlung des Sandstrandes und des Küstengrundwassers an der italienischen Küste I. Systematischer Teil. Archo zool. ital. 37: 517-640.
Gerlach, S. A.
Die Nematodenbesiedlung des Sandstrandes und des Küstengrundwassers an der italienischen Küste I. Systematischer Teil
Archo zool. ital.
37: 517-640
NeMys doc_id: 16770
Locality: NA; Cabinet:
Locality: NA; Cabinet:
NeMys doc_id: 17778
NeMys doc_id: 3787
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Locality: San Rossore, Pisa; Cabinet:
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Allgeniella obliqua Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Chromadorita obliqua (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1954 (original description)
Anoplostoma exceptum Schulz, 1935 (taxonomy source)
Calyptronema setifer (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1953 (ecology source)
Catalaimus Cobb, 1920 accepted as Calyptronema Marion, 1870 (taxonomy source)
Catalaimus setifer Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Calyptronema setifer (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1953 (original description)
Ceramonema pisanum Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Chromadorita brevisetosa Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Chromadorita obliqua (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1954 (ecology source)
Chromaspirina denticulata (Gerlach, 1953) Luc & De Coninck, 1959 accepted as Pseudomicrolaimus denticulatus (Gerlach, 1953) Kovalyev & Tchesunov, 2005 (ecology source)
Chromaspirina pontica Filipjev, 1918 (additional source)
Cobbia dentata Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Dagda asymmetrica Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Procamacolaimus asymmetricus (Gerlach, 1953) (original description)
Daptonema microspiculum (Gerlach, 1953) Lorenzen, 1977 (ecology source)
Dasynemella pselionemoides (Gerlach, 1953) De Coninck, 1965 accepted as Ceramonema pselionemoides Gerlach, 1953 (ecology source)
Dichromadora abnormis Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Enoploides brunettii Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Enoploides brunettii Gerlach, 1953 (taxonomy source)
Enoploides tyrrhenicus Brunetti, 1949 (taxonomy source)
Enoplolaimus enoploidiformis Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Epacanthion enoploidiforme (Gerlach, 1953) Warwick, 1970 (original description)
Enoplolaimus litoralis Schulz, 1936 (taxonomy source)
Enoplolaimus subterraneus Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Enoplolaimus villosus Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Enoplus littoralis Filipjev, 1918 (taxonomy source)
Enoplus schulzi Gerlach, 1952 (taxonomy source)
Gammanema conicauda Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Halalaimus cirrhatus Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Longicyatholaimus lineatus Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Pomponema lineatum (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1959 (original description)
Mesacanthion hirsutum Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Metadesmolaimus aversivulva Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Microlaimus crassiceps Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Bolbolaimus crassiceps (Gerlach, 1953) Jensen, 1978 (original description)
Microlaimus dentatus Chitwood, 1937 accepted as Microlaimus chitwoodi Gerlach, 1950 accepted as Bolbolaimus chitwoodi (Gerlach, 1950) Jensen, 1978 (source of synonymy)
Microlaimus microseta Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Microlaimus monstrosus Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Microlaimus undulatus Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Monoposthia mirabilis Schulz, 1932 (additional source)
Nudora thorakista (Schulz, 1935) Gerlach & Riemann, 1973 (redescription)
Odontophora setosa (Allgén, 1929) (new combination reference)
Onyx sagittarius Gerlach, 1950 (ecology source)
Oxystomina alpha Chitwood, 1937 (redescription)
Paracanthonchus tyrrhenicus (Brunetti, 1949) Gerlach, 1953 (new combination reference)
Paracyatholaimoides Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Paracyatholaimoides multispiralis Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Paracyatholaimoides multispiralis Gerlach, 1953 (taxonomy source)
Procamacolaimus dolichostylum Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Prochromadorella subterranea Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Pselionema longissimum Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Pseudonchus gerlachi (Gerlach, 1953) Warwick, 1969 (original description)
Pseudonchus rotundicephalus Cobb, 1920 (source of synonymy)
Rhabdodemania coronata Gerlach, 1952 (taxonomy source)
Rhynchonema brevituba Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Rhynchonema longituba Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Scaptrella brevicaudata Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Stephanolaimus paraflevensis Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Setostephanolaimus paraflevensis (Gerlach, 1953) Tchesunov, 1994 (original description)
Synodontium monhystera Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Odontophoroides monhystera (Gerlach, 1953) (original description)
Synonchium obtusum Cobb, 1920 (taxonomy source)
Tarvaia angusta Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Theristus curvispiculum Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Cylindrotheristus curvispiculum (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1959 accepted as Daptonema curvispiculum (Gerlach, 1953) Lorenzen, 1977 (original description)
Theristus heterospiculoides Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Theristus heterospiculum (Allgén, 1932) Gerlach, 1953 (new combination reference)
Theristus inermis Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Theristus microspiculum Gerlach, 1953 accepted as Pseudotheristus microspiculum (Gerlach, 1953) Wieser, 1959 accepted as Daptonema microspiculum (Gerlach, 1953) Lorenzen, 1977 (original description)
Thoonchus inermis Gerlach, 1953 (taxonomy source)
Trichromadora ariminiensis Gerlach, 1953 (original description)
Trileptium subterraneum (Gerlach, 1952) Gerlach & Riemann, 1974 (taxonomy source)
Viscosia cobbi Filipjev, 1918 (taxonomy source)
Adriatic Sea for Microlaimus crassiceps Gerlach, 1953 
Adriatic Sea for Microlaimus monstrosus Gerlach, 1953 
Italian Mainland for Pseudonchus gerlachi (Gerlach, 1953) Warwick, 1969 
Italian part of the Tyrrhenian Sea for Paracyatholaimoides multispiralis Gerlach, 1953 
Mediterranean Sea for Dichromadora abnormis Gerlach, 1953 
Mediterranean Sea for Enoploides brunettii Gerlach, 1953 
Mediterranean Sea for Longicyatholaimus lineatus Gerlach, 1953 
Mediterranean Sea for Microlaimus microseta Gerlach, 1953 
Mediterranean Sea for Microlaimus undulatus Gerlach, 1953 
Tyrrhenian Sea for Bolbolaimus denticulatus Gerlach, 1953 
Tyrrhenian Sea for Calomicrolaimus monstrosus (Gerlach, 1953) Vincx, 1981 

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