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Loof, P. A. A.; Riemann, F. (1976). Taxonomy of the Tobrilus-longus group (Enoplida: Tripylidae). Nematologica. 22(1): 15-48.
Loof, P. A. A.; Riemann, F.
Taxonomy of the Tobrilus-longus group (Enoplida: Tripylidae)
22(1): 15-48
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Tobrilus longus (Leidy, 1851) is redescribedfrom Cobb's 1914material and from fresh specimens. It is representativeof a uniform group of Tobrilus species showing the following characters:spicules large, curved; six supplements,the anterior three (S1-S3) large, the posterior two (S5-S6) small, S4 intermediate; if papillae between the supplements are present, they are distinct, not very small, and anteriorly do not extend past the third supplement; ductus ejaculatorius clothed with an obliquely striated muscle mantle and by this feature sharply offset from the vas deferens; at its anterior end is a dark granulate zone; sperm flagelliform except in T. diversipapillatus ;females with heavily muscular vagina and with some long subdorsal advulvar setae. T. diversipapillatus (Daday, 1905), to which are synonymisedT. longior Altherr, 1963 and T. savaryiAltherr, 1963, is a distinct species. Additional data are given on T. telekiensisAllgén, 1952, T. hoehnelensisAllgén, 1952, T. macrospiculum Altherr, 1963, T. vicinus Loof, 1973 and T. longiformis Loof, 1973. Four new species are described: T. hopei from the eastern U.S.A.; T. breviductus from Columbia, T. nicaraguensis and T. nicasimilis from Nicaragua. A key to the species of this group is presented. T. pellucidus (Bastian, 1865) and T. setosus Altherr, 1963 also have long curved spicules, but they lack other charactersof the longus-group.
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