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Oncholaimidae Filipjev, 1916

2204  (

Subfamily Adoncholaiminae
  » Genus Admirandus Belogurov & Belogurova, 1979
  » Genus Adoncholaimus Filipjev, 1918
  » Genus Kreisoncholaimus Rachor, 1969
  » Genus Meyersia Hopper, 1967
  » Genus Metoncholaimoides Wieser, 1954 accepted as Adoncholaimus Filipjev, 1918 (Lo Russo et al. 2016: synonymized with Adoncholaimus)
Subfamily Krampiinae
Subfamily Octonchinae
Subfamily Oncholaimellinae Filipjev, 1916
  » Genus Cacolaimus Kreis, 1932
  » Genus Oncholaimelloides Timm, 1969
  » Genus Oncholaimellus de Man, 1890
  » Genus Oncholaimoides Chitwood, 1937
  » Genus Viscosia de Man, 1890
  » Genus Meroviscosia Kreis, 1932 accepted as Viscosia de Man, 1890 (Lorenzen, 1981, 1994 p 251: synonymized with Viscosia)
Subfamily Oncholaiminae Filipjev, 1916
Subfamily Pelagonematinae
Subfamily Pontonematinae
  » Genus Filoncholaimus Filipjev, 1927
  » Genus Phylloncholaimus Bussau, 1995
  » Genus Pontonema Leidy, 1855
  » Genus Convexolaimus Kreis, 1928 accepted as Pontonema Leidy, 1855 (Lorenzen, 1981 p 319 : synonymization with Pontonema)
  » Genus Paroncholaimus Filipjev, 1916 accepted as Pontonema Leidy, 1855 (Cobb & Steiner, 134 p 34: synonymized with Pontonema)
Genus Thalassogenus Andrássy, 1973

Genus Asymetrella Cobb, 1920 (taxon inquirendum)
Subfamily Mononcholaiminae De Coninck, 1965 (taxon inquirendum, The only genus Mononcholaimus is synonymized with Viscosia)
  » Genus Mononcholaimus Kreis, 1924 accepted as Viscosia de Man, 1890 ((Lorenzen, 1994 translated version))

Genus Fimbria Cobb, 1894 accepted as Fimbrilla Cobb, 1905
Not documented
Bezerra, T.N.; Decraemer, W.; Eisendle-Flöckner, U.; Hodda, M.; Holovachov, O.; Leduc, D.; Miljutin, D.; Mokievsky, V.; Peña Santiago, R.; Sharma, J.; Smol, N.; Tchesunov, A.; Venekey, V.; Zeng, Z.; Vanreusel, A. (2018). Nemys: World Database of Nematodes. Oncholaimidae Filipjev, 1916. Accessed at: on 2020-08-04
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